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Screencap Recap
3rd-Jun-2007 10:18 pm
doctor who - smug by the tardis

Because I am bored and am sitting on hold, you're going to get commentary WITH SCREENSHOTS!

The Doctor takes Martha home and we discover that she likes striped knickers. We also learn that the Doctor did indeed get his hand into her panties but not the way the shippers want it. I was waiting for him to yell, "PSYCH!" This, of course, comes later in the episode.

We find that the Doctor's smile is charming and can disarm any woman within a 30 metre radius.

This is where we learn that Mr Lazarus is a dirty old man. I did love that line, though. "What's that perfume you're wearing?" "... Soap."

Who. Doctor Who. Shaken like a baby, not stirred like a, uh... something that's stirred that's not a martini. The Doctor does look pretty dapper in his monkey suit. I wish Martha had done something different with her hair. I liked how the Doctor looked like he was about to be offended, behind called James Bond... and then grins goofily. Perfect.

Modern art opening or a scientific debut? Who can tell? They really look the same nowadays; it's just a different breed of pretentious asshole.

I liked Martha's mum for being difficult but in a very different way from Jackie. She's sharp and obviously distrustful - and apparently the Doctor's bubble of charm doesn't work on her. This was deliciously AAAAAAAWKWAAAARD- and I liked the "Doctor What" instead of "Doctor Who."

What do they always teach you? DO NOT PRESS THE BIG, RED BUTTON. Seriously, people, no good can come from it. That is not the Staples Easy Button.

Lazarus prepares for his role in Evita. Or maybe he was just aged back some years. Sup. Must feel good to get that age makeup off his face, though. Those damned heat lamps that pass for TV lighting must have made that shit itch like no one's business. Also, T. S. Eliot? In my Doctor Who? YES PLEASE. Oh, I wiggled and jiggled with joy.

"You're too old and wrinkly for my tastes. You're a raisin, dear, I'm a grape. I'm going to go make some wine. Or something else. This analogy needs to stop, really." You know, he should see a chiropracter about those neck crackings... I kept expecting either him or his lady to mention that they'd been part of the lost children - possibly one of the ones from The Empty Child in series one. Lawl, tie-ins. I was cheerfully disappointed to discover he was not.

I love that she was all grossed out by him earlier but now finds him charming and plans on snogging him - even though he's her boss AND married/involved/something with a woman who got Ark of the Covenanted (super mummification!).

Mr Saxon, I presume? I haven't read the titles for the upcoming episodes but I do know a few very broad spoilers and have my speculations as to who this man will turn out to be. I won't say anything here, though, since I know I might get punched.

JESUS CHRIST IT'S A MONSTER GET IN THE CAR. Seriously, it's like any time someone decides to make a freaky monster-type thing it's got to resemble a scorpion in some way. That tail? Fucking horrifying. Interesting, though, that it had six legs instead of eight (bet you didn't know that scorpions have eight legs, did you? They're closely related to spiders - both are arachnids, technically). But this shit's got an internal skeleton like a human instead of a motherfucking exoskeleton. Plus, CREEPY HUMAN FACE which makes me think of those kids who made hybrids from their toys - here's a doll head on a scorpion body, OH BOY! Now this shit is loose and going crazy on people. I was glad, however, that they didn't make him some alien hybrid - just good old stupid human. Interesting idea with the throwback.

Oh oh, Martha and Doctor in a pod for one. Close quarters. Nice. She looked a bit out of sorts when he slithered down her.

My oh my. I loved this little speech of the Doctor's. The look on his face? Perfect. His eyes really do look quite old right there.

I love this shot. Oh yeah, and the Doctor playing the organ? Fucking brilliant. I love the organ.

"Well, you were never just a passenger, were you?" So true.
will he come and take me away, too?

I really enjoyed this episode, though. It was more what I expect - and while I love the Daleks as much as the next person, I really really really don't want to see them again for awhile. Especially if they're going to fuck with Dalek personalities.
16th-Jun-2007 12:21 pm (UTC)
Ooo. Nice screen cap-recap!!
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